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Cauliflower [userpic]

oh, internet, hear my musings

April 30th, 2008 (02:46 am)

for some reason, i am thinking a lot about turtle volcanoes. they sound pretty awesome.

Cauliflower [userpic]

Roar, dinosaurs

January 28th, 2008 (05:20 pm)

I had a strange dream last night. It involved dinosaurs, mud, tents, lots of people, and parasites or something. I think the latter part came from the thing on the discovery channel I had been watching earlier about bug parasites.

But now for the dream...Collapse )

Cauliflower [userpic]

better than last time

October 4th, 2007 (12:52 am)

There is much in the way of things that I don't understand. First and foremost being how I'm still alive. Unless I am dead; but then the feeling of being dead is so similar to feeling alive, that I'm not sure how dead people come to terms with it. I grew up hearing that I would walk on clouds and speak to the angels at the gates and then be admitted into their kingdom to sup and dine with gods on their high mountain tops. Though I dare say if my life's deeds earned me a spot at the gods' table, I would think them mad. I should be damned to eternity, slave to demons! It was the least I deserved, anyway.

What I did not expect, however, was to find myself in a dark, stinking hovel, laying on a cot a dog would not even touch. I looked around, spying a small window covered with a thick square of fabric, an old, cluttered table stacked with moldering dishes and cracked pots, and the door which looked like it had been trampled by a wagon. There was sunlight but no demons. I don't think I could have dreamt up a stranger hell had I been piss drunk and trying to woo a donkey.

Secondly, I could not figure out why my body ached like it did. The plausible answer being that all the newly dead feel their death wounds seemed satisfactory at first, yet death by poison implied no pain, relatively speaking. Unless they beat me afterwards, those bloody bastards. I tried an experimental movement, attempting to lift my hand in front of my face. The effort brought a grimace and a loud groan from the rest of me and thus did I meet my first demon.

Cauliflower [userpic]

hmm, it's a start

September 18th, 2007 (10:51 pm)

The sensation of skin against skin is so many things. Anger, pain, celebration, love, friendship, neutrality. Erotic. I can't even begin to guess which one of those the stroking of my cheek was supposed to be, but gods it burned. It felt like I was a sliver of ice dropped into molten fire. I screamed like a little girl.

By the time I was conscious enough to realize any of this, I was sitting up and four people were fighting me for control of my arms and upper body, pushing me back toward the ground, and I was still screaming. There was a sudden lurch and I was on the ground, my legs tangled in some unseen foe and my hands and chest being very intimate with shards of broken pots and various liquids.

Rough hands grabbed my arms, yanking me to a somewhat upright position while a blurry figure touched cold steel to my throat, sliding the flat of the blade along my jawbone until my face was titled toward the hole I assumed his face resided in.

"A rowdy little curr, this'ne. If you wasn't sick, I'd show you what happ'ns to bad dogs 'round 'ere."

I tried saying something insulting but all that came out was a pathetic croak so I settled for the best glare I could force onto my partially numb face. The man with the knife chuckled and before I had the good sense to hold my breath, something pungent was waved in front of my face and I faded into oblivion.

Cauliflower [userpic]

band names

August 27th, 2007 (07:56 pm)

I think if I were to start a band, it would have to be called Hepatitis Anchovie. I guess it would end up being a strange punk or metal band. Or maybe an acoustic indie side project for kicks and giggles....

Cauliflower [userpic]

whut i has rote somthng?

August 26th, 2007 (04:37 pm)

The sun peeked over the distant mountains, piercing the clouds overhead with a soft golden-pink glow. Creeping down the craggy, broken slopes, the sun stretched its long fingers to touch the mist obscured forest. They reached over the snaking river, setting it alight like liquid gold, to brush the dewy fields and pastures, the sleeping farms and villages. Finally, they grasped at the white wall of the city, haloing it in light, only to seek onward through the maze of empty cobbled streets to encompass the great basilica and palace. And, stretching past the outer wall and over the empty flatland, they, once again, sought to hold the craggy, broken slopes that ringed the valley.
This is like a primitive Choose Your Own AdventureCollapse )

Cauliflower [userpic]

(no subject)

May 31st, 2007 (01:10 am)

Hi. How are you?

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